About Us

About Oracle Maternity and Baby

Oracle Maternity and Baby was founded by our lead counselor, Makita, with the sole purpose of giving mothers, babies, and their families the best possible care. We are a team of certified and licensed experienced RNs, CNAs, LPNs, Newborn Care Specialist, Baby Nurses, Midwives, Osteopaths, Nutritionist, and Massage Therapists dedicated to providing holistic support for mothers-to-be, their babies, and the entire family. 

We at Oracle Maternity and Baby know that the prenatal, delivery, and post-natal period can be one of the most stressful and exhausting times of our lives, even if it is simultaneously also one of the most wonderful and thrilling times. Historically, most cultures have had rituals that surrounded a new mother with support and helped with care for the newborn. That has sadly often been lost in our modern times, but we seek to provide it through our services.

About Our Founder Makita

Makita brings over 30 years of experience in newborn and maternal care, both in-home and in-hospital, to Oracle Maternity and Baby. Her many credentials include being a maternity nurse practitioner UK, NVQ Level 4, a US licensed nurse, a certified lactation consular, and holding NBO Brazelton certification. Makita’s clients include a diverse array of mothers from a wide variety of backgrounds--lawyers, diplomats, doctors, stay-at-home moms, celebrities, producers, writers and even members of royalty have all found value in her expert care. 

Good international prenatal care was first brought to Makita’s attention over 20 years ago, when she worked on campus at the MIT pediatrics clinic. There, she met parents from around the world who came to receive both sick and well-baby care. In 2011, while researching the maternity care provided by different countries, she came across the Kraamzorg Dutch maternity care system and was instantly impressed.

Despite the website being entirely in Dutch, Makita was determined to learn more. She felt that there had to be a better system than the UKs, where an NHS nurse visits the home of a new mother well after the baby has been delivered. Canada and Sweden provided longer leave but no maternity care. When she came upon Kraamzorg, Makita was both surprised and delighted by the level of care it provided and became interested in practicing it herself. 

In 2015, Through an amazing happenstance Makita was invited to research, learn about, and train in Kraamzorg, so she traveled to Holland and Belgium for an immersive experience there. That training proved invaluable to her business, Maternity Baby Nurse, which was founded on Kraamzorg principles, and evolved into what is now Oracle Maternity and Baby. 

Makita has found her work in prenatal and postnatal care to be extremely fulfilling. It first began when she was hoping to become a private baby nurse and happened upon a mother who was 21 weeks pregnant, on bedrest, and seeking maternal care. It was an enlightening experience that showed Makita the glaring need for prenatal and postnatal maternity care and gave her the determination to fill that need herself. 

From there, Makita built her business on the founding principles of reliable, passionate, high-quality care that uses best practices and shows respect for the privacy of the families she serves. She knows from experience that all cultures bring their own practices and beliefs to childbirth and infant care, and she welcomes those differences with an open mind and no judgment. 

What Can Oracle Maternity and Baby Do for You?

We know how difficult it can be to have a baby far from supportive family structures, and we strive to bridge that gap. When you seek care from Oracle Maternity and Baby, you receive an exclusive service that is second to none.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need support, you’re not alone. Prenatal and postnatal support could be exactly what you need. We offer a variety of services, including lactation counseling, nutritional and psychological advice, massage, and assistance recovering from C-sections, just to name a few. 

We provide care prior to birth and up to 12 weeks after birth, including your time in the hospital. We will travel to you and support you via email, text messages, video calls, and live workshops. Your success as a parent is our success, so we will do our best to help you.