Maternity Labor, Birth Support and Care

Our maternity caregivers will take a shift so you can sleep soundly, knowing that your baby is in expert hands. The goal of this support is to provide you with as much uninterrupted sleep, rest, and assistance as possible so you can heal, well and enjoy caring for your baby. If you are breastfeeding, your maternity caregiver will wake you to nurse your baby and is on hand for any difficulties with feeding as well provide and guide you with any care you should need right after delivery.

Oracle’s overnight support is provided in 8- 10-12 hour shifts 

Additional hours can be added on at the daytime rate

5-hour day minimum

and 8-hour night minimum

One complimentary initial consultation to get to know each other and confirm that our Prenatal service is a good fit for your needs

On-call availability from 38 weeks until your baby arrives

Third and Fourth Stage of Labor and Birth

1 to 1 Care

Spouse or Partner Relief Care

Sibling Care (add-on if needed)

Assist Mum with breast and/or formula feeding

Assist Mum with basic care (postpartum recovery, c-section care, caring for baby whilst mum sleeps)

Provide hospital peace of mind companionship

Takes notes of baby’s activity